About Us

Pack 50 of Pine Shores Chartered 1962

When and where are the meetings?

Meetings are held Mondays at either the Scout House (6205 Crestwood Ave), in the Community Center of Pine Shores Presbyterian Church (6210 Crestwood Ave). 


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***Our first den meeting for 2021


  • 6:30pm -  Kindergarten    Lions at Pine Shores Community North Hall

  • 6:30pm -  1st Grade          Tigers at Pine Shores Community North Hall

  • 6:30pm -  2nd Grade         Wolves at Pine Shores Community North Hall

  • 6:30pm -  3rd Grade          Bears at Pines Shores Community Center Classroom

  • 6:30pm -  4th Grade         Webelos  at Scout House

  • 6:30pm -  5th Grade         Arrow of Light at Scout House - Back Room


Pack meetings occur approximately once a month for all grades/dens at 6:30pm in the Community Center.  Full Class A uniform should be worn. 


There is usually one weekend event per month.  Cub Scouts are encouraged to attend most meetings and events.  We understand this can be a big commitment!  We encourage the scouts to be well rounded, and realize that they may also participate in other activities.  Therefore, if scouts can attend at least a couple times per month, that’s great!  Just let your den leader know if at any point you have a scheduling conflict.  Cub Scouts can always work with parents at home to complete the required achievements listed in the Scout Handbook.


Are parents involved? 

Scouting is for Families! We encourage parents to stay during den meetings unless prearranged with your den leader.  Lions and Tigers must always be accompanied by an adult.  Pack 50 camp outs are a family event!


How much does it cost?

Our Cub Scout Pack has annual dues of $125 per scout which pays for their registration and insurance with BSA, a subscription to a great scouting magazine, Scouts Life, and helps pay for projects, crafts, and awards. This is only a small amount of the money we actually need to run our Pack. We also rely on fundraising events, such as popcorn sales, to help supplement the costs of running the Pack. Dues deadline is ______. If you have financial concerns please see our Committee Chair, about available options.


Where do we buy the uniform?

There are two scout stores that service our area- Fort Myers and Tampa. Each scout must have the appropriate Handbook. It is recommended that scouts start with the Class A scout shirt, neckerchief, neck slide, and hat. Feel free to check out a meeting or two before making the commitment! The belt, shorts, and socks can be added at your discretion. We have a “Scout Closet” with pre-owned pieces available. Other discount options include eBay and Goodwill.

***We have Pack 50 T-Shirts that we wear for camp outs and other times we might get messy. This is our Class B uniform; shirts cost $10. These are available at Pack Meetings.


Are there online resources?  Yes!!!

BSA Website: https://www.scouting.org

SW FL BSA Website: http://www.swflcouncilbsa.org

Scout Shop Tampa Website: https://tampabayscouting.org/shops/tampa-scout-shop

Scout Shop Fort Myers Website: https://www.swflcouncilbsa.org/scout-retail-store/71789

Family Scouting
Pack 50 Welcomes Girls into Cub Scouts!

In 2017, Pack 50 began to have kindergartners as Cub Scouts and then in 2018, Pack 50 welcomed girls into Cub Scouts.  The whole family can now enjoy Cub Scouts, all together, for Family Scouting fun!